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deadCENTER Film Festival ‘Leading with EDDIE’

We are happy to announce that EDDIE has accepted an invitation to headline the deadCenter Film Festival. The entire production team is humbled and excited to be given such a huge honor. The deadCENTER film festival has supported our team at 1577 Productions so much over the years. Whether it was with the short films that we had done in the past, or if it was through the amazing networking opportunities that have come about due to the festival. deadCENTER has changed the way people view Oklahoma film, and we are proud to be a part of that.

OKC’s deadCENTER Film Festival ‘Leading with EDDIE’

From an EDDIE film standpoint, this news couldn’t come at a better time. The question we are constantly asked is “when can we see the film?” Now, people who have supported and been with us from day 1 can get a sneak peak at the film through the festival experience. The festival will take place June 11th – 21st.

“This is the 20th Anniversary of the festival, and it is slated to be the best ever.” Executive Director Lance McDaniel said,”It’ll be 20 shorts programs, 20 features, 20 classes. We’re going to have reunions of classic Oklahoma films. … All of that’s going to happen. But it’s all going to be about what’s happening virtually.”

“If you’re a film enthusiast, this will probably be the best year ever because you will actually see more films than you’ve ever seen. You have 10 days to look at them whenever you want. … We’re still working on how do we make it super, super fun when the world’s changed around us.”

Due to Covid-19 festival organizers are working hard to make it a fantastic experience for the audience including online screenings and possibly a Drive-In option (which would be amazing). We will be sure and keep everyone up to date on what is happening surrounding the film, as it is currently out to distributors. We look forward to sharing news of its platform home soon!

Behind the Scenes with OKC Thunder star Mike Muscala and 1577 Productions

OKC Thunder star Mike Muscala took a time out from his busy NBA schedule in late 2019 to work in partnership with 1577 Productions to produce a music video for his original song “Heart”. Growing up with music, and music videos, Mike had always had a dream of creating his own. So when he teamed up with 1577 Productions, that dream became a reality. Inspired by films like Sin City and the film noir genre of the 1940’s – the music video is a black and white thriller with plenty twist and turns. During the production Muscala said he’d “gained an appreciation for the filmmaking process”. Song collaborator and Music Producer Matt Citron (Atlanta, GA) said, “This shoot is really fun and the guys at 1577 really know what they’re doing. It has been an amazing collaboration.”

The video is set to premiere at the 2020 deadCENTER Film Festival in June.

1577 Productions launches new website

1577 Productions is so excited to be able to launch our new website! We believe this new site helps tell our story and allow audiences to see our work and learn about our business in a much more effective way. So much has changed the last few years, and we needed a website to go along with that! Whether it is completing our first feature documentary, or updating film festival awards we have received, we needed an online overhaul. We hope you find the site easy to navigate, and as always we look forward to hearing about your project!


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