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Oklahoma State University

Human Performance and Nutrition Research Institute

In collaboration with Oklahoma State University, 1577 Productions successfully produced both a :30 and :60 second commercial, showcasing the innovative Human Performance and Nutrition Research Institute. The primary objective of this commercial was to humanize the project, conveying the diverse motivations behind maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with the HPNRI dedicated to supporting the health goals of all Oklahomans. This comprehensive project involved 1577 Productions working closely with the University, managing all aspects of the commercial, from script creation to pre-production, on-set production, and the final edit. The resulting commercial, a first for the institute, is now airing nationwide.

The Human Performance and Nutrition Research Institute is a testament to groundbreaking research at the intersection of human performance and nutrition science. Leveraging the expertise of the university’s elite strength and conditioning staff and fostering relationships with industry leaders, the institute stands as a pioneering, university-based research facility. Going beyond the confines of a traditional research center, the HPNRI is dedicated to utilizing scientific insights derived from the experiences of student-athletes. These insights inform the development of therapies and approaches aimed at addressing systematic health threats within the broader Oklahoma population.

The overarching mission of the HPNRI is to discover, develop, and deliver scientific knowledge, empowering individuals of all abilities to achieve their optimal performance. This journey, documented through the institute’s inaugural branded video, highlights the intersection of science and well-being, contributing to a healthier Oklahoma.

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